Part Two edited

The reason behind why I want to create my game to revolve the current status of the world regarding COVID-19 is because its something we have been living through for almost a year now. In addition, I don’t believe that it has gotten easier to decide what is worth the risk and what is not. Since, no one truly knows what will lead to what during these uncertain times. It was not difficult to gather information or interview individuals to give me their thought and how they have been living their lives this past year through the pandemic. Obviously, the responses I got were polar opposites where some individuals.Since, during the pandemic several university took different approaches on how to handle the situation and how to facilitate the learning experience for students. In order to get a better understanding of the university experience during covid I interviewed two different students with different majors that attend two different universities. To make it easier let’s call them student A and B. Student A has to attend some of classes on campus and exams online contrary to student B who has to attend all on campus classes and exams. I have interviewed student A to gather from them how it feels and what’s it like to be back partially on campus during these uncertain times. Student A decisions were mainly based on how to resume normal day to day activities that they used to take before covid to trying to take them now. Such as whether to use university transportation or uber or carpool instead since the bus doesn’t have proper ventilation. Whether it’s worth it to stand in line for coffee before classes like we used to or do I have to sanitize the lid the cup before drinking. Being in their major also adds on to her risk of having to use graphing tools or sculpting tools and having someone as her to borrow it. Usually prior to covid it would never be an issue to think about is it worth giving someone my tools and overthinking about its cleanliness later. Student A also talked about how difficult it is for her to spend long hours on campus and not being able to eat at the food court since there is a chance of multiple people sharing the same table. A big part of her day is spent trying to answer all of these questions that may seem simple to so many people however they are not since they cost her sometimes her social life and not wanting to go out with friends since she spends all day on campus in contact with so many people.

            Contrary to that situation there is Student B who is in another university that has to attend all of classes and labs and exams on campus no alternative like our university. This students’ attendance is important and puts students grades in jeopardy so attendance to all classes and examination. From this interview it shows that sometimes we are blessed with out we have even when we don’t like it. Where unlike student A , Student  B  doesn’t get to pick the classes that takes on campus since all of them are mandatory. While interviewing student B I noticed that in order to accommodate for these changes that there is no decisions regarding their academics when it comes to covid. The main focus is making sure that they are double masked and sanitized, unlike student A taking an uber or carpooling is not an option since the university campus is extremely far and taking on such rides in the morning is not the greatest idea. Going to regular classes keeps social distance since sometimes it’s not enforced in some classes. sanitized some lab equipment before entering just to be sure. Still goes to eat during the day at the food court since it’s a long day at university. Since, attendance is a big part of the university sometimes there are positive covid cases in class that came  to take an exam .Consequently, being around that environment makes people a bit carless since they are already see how other people are treating the situation.

The fear no longer is covid buts its grades and attendance its either missing out on a full semester or going fully on campus.

 Its taking all labs where there is high contact with people or failing a course that I need to move forward.

Is it going to club meetings and gathering in order to enjoy my years at university  or is it being socially distant and staying home.

Do ride the bus or do I just order an uber although it is way more expensive, or do I skip altogether unless there is someone I can carpool with?

Do I order a coffee or will I need to sanitize it, maybe the person making it isn’t wearing a mask do I really need coffee?

Do I ride the elevator with others or do I just go up the stairs?

Do I buy things from quick or is it better if I get my own snacks from home?

Do I sit in the foodcourt or is it too high risk to be surrounded by others in an enclosed space maybe I need to sit outdoors although I won’t be able to charge my laptop/phone.

What is the point of staying after class and studying if I can’t use the library unless I book multiple slots which are a hassle and a huge waste of time, do I even need to go to uni and attend class if I’m going to commute for this long and not be able to visit anything but the classroom?

Should I let others borrow my tools during class or is this too risky?

Should I attend class when I know I’m going to directly interact with others and be seated with multiple people at the same table?

Should I visit the professor in their office for additional feedback or is that too risky should I just schedule a zoom appointment and deal with any internet difficulties?

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